I began working with Leather during 2017 and after a short while found myself experimenting with colour. It was surprising  how quickly I felt at ease with a paintbrush. The leather I used is a byproduct of the meat industry and is 'veg tanned' and  sourced from reputable suppliers in the UK. Leather is a strong yet malleable material which is also extremely lightweight. Each piece is finished to a luxury standard using traditional methods and tools.


Bright, vibrant and colourful with abstract decoration and silver fixings evokes a sense of fun and creativity that I feel every time I visit this Spanish region. Each component is treated and finished to a luxury standard. Each peice of The 'Catalan' collection is uniquer and as such cannot be replicated.


In complete contrast, bold, black everyday jewellery and accessories. 'Androgyny' sets out to disregard gendered conventions by delivering a range that doesn't conform to gender style stereotypes.  All cuffs, chokers and rings can be personalised through design and made to order.


Inspiration from Japan has influenced 'Reza' body pieces, designed to be worn over  clothing as a physical manifestation of the internal armour we wear as we go about our ordinary lives. Reza forms the basis of a body of work intended for exhibition sometime in 2019, watch this space! 

Body pieces are one of a kind and made to measure, please get in touch for a no obligation  consultation. 


Rainbow cuffs, bracelets and earrings. Designed to celebrate the diverse cultural rainbow of sexual identity, gender fluidity, religion, ethnicity, age and ability. Available now (made to size) on Etsy, cuffs and Bracelets can be embossed with a word, name or short phrase of your choice. 


I joined Bloco Fogo, a samba band, in March 2018 and have been actively gigging since September. I am inspired by the grooves and the summer vibes and this comes through in the colours and patterns on this collection . As a band we are well known by our vibrant red and yellow costumes, so it will be of little surprise to see that red and yellow figures heavily.