The Journey Begins

I have a love of writing. I usually only indulge myself when I am on holiday. Some people read when they are on holiday, instead I write. I write mostly observational stuff, it starts out a bit like a travel journal but usually ends up describing the nature of the people and things around us. Really bad photographs, of things unrelated, usually accompany my ramblings.

I make no excuses for my lazy and mostly ungrammatical paragraphs and poor spelling (despite a good grammar school education my spelling is appaling), mostly because I have been the eyes and ears of some dear people who are sadly no longer with us. Friendships formed through, insomnia driven, social media surfing were consolidated further by my online travel journal and the dialogue that followed between us. I also have other friends who, through physical incapacity and pain, were unable to travel far from the confines of a hospital bed or own four walls. I have been told that my ramblings had them crying, laughing, shouting in rage or dismay but I always hope that what I write leaves you with a smile and a need for more. So I indulge myself and encourage comment but make no excuses. I write what comes to mind as it comes to mind.

So this is my first step away from a Facebook page which is frequented by friends and friends of friends and into the big wide world. Why is this blog part of a Jewellery page you might ask?

I came to creativity late in life, I am a complete philistine when it comes to art and culture and have only my personal experiences to guide and influence my work. Other artists might well say the same. I soon realised that there were links with my design ideas ( ideas I thought just came like a bolt from the sky... from nowhere) and the places we had visited, whether that was a week in Turkey or Spain or a weekend in a Forest with a big subtropical swimming pool (other holiday parks are available). It seemed, to me, a sensible plan to link my jewellery with my writing. Artists talk about 'narrative' in their work, well I really will provide the narrative, you will either make that link between the designs and the narrative ... or not. But i do hope that you enjoy my ramblings and enter into a dialogue with me.

My first trip will be next week when we visit our beloved Catalunya region of Spain (incidentally the name of my most recent collection due to be launched at the Medway Open Studios from 14th JULY) purely to buy some postcards. I usually write every day and I will update this space with my ramblings as soon as we have unpacked and done a load of washing. But for now... Adios x


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