Epic Southern Adventure part 1

We have booked to attend a 'Wild Festival' in Devon over the late summer bank holiday so we decided to tag a summer camping holiday onto the beginning of the same week. After our failed attempt of a Wales tour at the beginning of the summer we didn't want to tempt fate by picking up

that plan and running with it. Instead we we plotted the location of two of our friends who now live to the south west of us and picked our campsites accordingly. There's just one thing that I ask from a holiday and that is water. As long as there is an opportunity to enter river, sea or pool I'm happy.

So we settled on 3 nights in the New Forest and 4 nights near to Lyme Regis for the end of the trip. It felt rather like an epic adventure. Just the second time we have used the camper car and the first

time we have ever 'toured' as opposed to staying in one spot for the duration.

It had been may years since we had been able to enjoy the New Forest and given that it was less than an hour from our friends in Poole we decided to return to GreenHill caravan and Camping in a tiny village called Nomansland. The last time we stayed there was around 12 years ago and we remembered it was a quiet site situated around some water with fishing and an abundance of

water birds. Vikki remembered the time that they moved us to a rally field when our group expanded from 2 tents and 4 people to 3 tents and 6 people. We were hardly a noisy crowd either, nevertheless we were asked to move to a faraway field so we didn't disturb the other campers. We also

remembered that we could walk to the end of the field, through a gate and we were in the new forest. We have stayed on a site where the mail also freely roam but the early novelty of horses

grazing by your tent soon wears off when you can't even cook breakfast without guarding your bread from passing herds or a fresh cowpat with in treading distance to the facilities. So GreenHill was the perfect place to start our epic adventure of the south. Checking in was smooth, a £10 deposit secured our car park barrier key and a brief description of the site, it's facilities and areas we could camp. We did have the option of 'Adult only' area but, in her wisdom, Vikki said that we would end up with lots of old people who might grumble about our circus games after supper. It's always good to walk around the pitches first, testing the ground for lumps, bumps, inclines and ant nests. We picked our spot a suitable distance of at least 20 feet from our neighbours, certain that we would have that space in between to set up 'Epic Adventure HQ'.barely had we got the last tent peg in and we had been infiltrated by mr pickup truck and his son. Being neighbourly we

offered a bottle opener when it appeared he had forgotten to pack his... And of course we suggest he keep it for the duration but he assured us that is friends who were due to arrive wouldn't ever forget such an essential. 'Oh great' I thought ... Another tent in our 20 feet space and alcoholic neighbours. I needn't have worried as they were little bother, for the one night they stayed, with exception of their rather tall teenage sons playing football rather close to our lit BBQ.

  • Our tiny tent was dwarfed by the trend in huge tents. Families of less than 4 people setting up tents with a footprint larger than our 4 bed roomed home. I suspect it must seem like a good idea and good value when you see the photos and dimensions provided by Amazon or EBay. And not quite such a good idea when you take delivery. I suspect some people have had to buy a new car just so

they can fit the family in the car as well as the tent. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the bag is opened and the see the faces of newbie campers once mammoth task of erecting this behemoth for the first time suddenly dawns on them. I suspect this is the reason you are asked for the exact dimensions of your tent when booking a pitch nowadays.

So dwarfed by big tents, big cars and big groups we were somewhat apprehensive about our peaceful weekend.

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