The Biggest Trip

You know life is treating you well when your challenge for the week is to find suitable waterproof footwear that won’t take up the entire weight of your 23kg baggage allowance.

Yes 23kg each! Travelling with a suitcase; a luxury that has evaded us for many years, having been limited to 7kg hand luggage, or if we were feeling particularly cavalier we might have stretched to an additional 15kg allowance between us.

The last time we had such a generous allowance was on a flight to Istanbul (BA of course) but we were only away for 3 nights so we didn’t take advantage. On reflection we should have stocked up on the very high quality textiles from the ‘local’ markets. Those of you who have been along for the ride a while will remember how we managed to escape the tourist trap and infiltrated the ‘local scene’. I wouldn’t say we blended in but we were accepted; we were not the target audience so we remained unbothered by the vendors plying their trade. The textiles were of such good quality and manufacture yet I only came away with two scarves.

Scarf! That’s it ... I must remember to pack a scarf, or two. One for sun protection and another for warmth. It’s hard to imagine what New Zealand’s current 30degrees feels like as we enjoy our first ‘cold snap’ of the year. Although after opening this photo from our friend (host, companion, tour guide, all round nice bloke) first thing this morning I’m so very glad I bought some thermal socks to go with my waterproof footwear. Now that’s what you call snow!

Photo credit: Wayne Reid

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