Dressmaking, knitting and crochet have always been a prominent activity in my day to day life for as long as I can remember. As a child I can recall completing intricate embroidery on table cloths and napkins; as a young adult making my own clothes to cater for my 'alternative' style; altering clothes for care home residents where I worked and as a mum making my children's clothes, toys and costumes. Always practical and functional, made with love in every stitch but rarely did I ever make a piece just for the beauty of the thing. 

This seemingly random collection of textile jewellery has been created using all of those practical skills. Inspired by places visited on my travels and the people who shape those places. Where possible I use materials that I have sourced from that place as well as reclaimed sari and vintage fabric. 

Travel is exciting and interesting but each time we leave the comfort and security of our home it is inevitable that the separation and distance can cause some anxiety. When I pack for a trips, no matter how short or long, I always place something in my case that reminds me of home. I have replicated this in each piece with a tiny object or material hidden and placed out of view. The notion of hiding something meaningful, within, is also symbolic of cutting a small piece from a security blanket and pinning it inside a pocket on your first day of school or finding a love note in your jacket the day of an important meeting. You know its there, you cannot see it or feel it but just knowing it is there reminds you of comfort and security; knowing that everything will be okay. 

Each piece is one of a kind, wrapped and placed in a gift box with a card outlining the inspiration and narrative of the piece. Commissions welcome.